Banglar Pathshala Foundation: A Social Movement for Change

Banglar Pathshala (BP) is a social organization that aims at pushing forward a movement to create an egalitarian society. It advocates for a classless society to denounce discrimination of all kinds; gender, class, age, religious, ethnic, and to question its authority. Banglar Pathshala propels with this ideal and aims to work with the oppressed and marginalized peoples of Bangladesh.

BP is an Organization for young intellectuals who aspire to be and bring change for the world. BP believes in continuous evolution of human societies and is interested in prompting discussions on the formation of a society built upon the foundation of equity. But, the young intellectuals of BP are not interested in the stereotypical hermeneutics of the society or the self; they are activists bound by the responsibility of enacting the changes that they are dreaming of.

Banglar Pathshala is not an institution; it is an organization. One, which is wholeheartedly fighting against the institutional hierarchical power-practice that produces hegemonic signs and inscriptions. We think, the world is still dominated by the concerns and interests of a few powerful people. We are working towards changing such governance; BP have confidence in the kind of praxis that confronts the logics of oppression. Banglar Pathshala believes that without fundamentally changing the condition of the masses, there cannot be any journey towards a better world. We, of course, do not want to pretend that we can emancipate anyone from anything. However, we are aware that by working relentlessly to create a better world we can emancipate ourselves from the illusion that our country, or the world, is heading towards the right direction. We have many ideas and with the feedbacks we shall strive to develop them and try to direct them towards the right course.

 Our Vehicles for Change:

  1. Banglar Dorshon Pathshala
  2. BPRC: Banglar Pathshala Research Cell
  3. Publishing House: Pattshala Chapakhana
  4. Tipshoi: A Quarterly Journal of Theory and Philosophy from Bangladesh
  5. Yearly Special Projects
  6. M. Sultan Shilpalaya
  7. Archives
  8. Regular Cultural Events (Music and Poetry Evenings & Film Shows)
  9. Bangla Film and Documentary Group

* Future Project: Probable name: Radio Bangla: A Private Radio Station.

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