Centre for Linguistic Research, Bangladesh (CLR,B) is a non-profit research organization based in Bangladesh that undertakes research programs to generate knowledge with a view to empowering the oppressed class in the society. The organization conducts research on the issues/themes ranging from Language Endangerment to Linguistic oppression/discrimination and socio-economic implications of existing semiotics. The mandate of CLR,B involves resisting endangerment of ethnic languages in Bangladesh and Linguistic Oppression/Discrimination that occurs at national level. The organization conducts research on ethnic minority languages of Bangladesh from sociological perspective to contribute in formulating an inclusive Language and Education Policy.

CLR,B Management Body-Advisers:

Name Institutional Affiliation Position in CLR,B
Dr. Shahdeen Malik Director, School of Law, BRAC University Adviser
Nurul Kabir Editor, The Daily New Age Adviser


CLR,B Management Body-Distinguished Research Fellows:

Name Institutional Affiliation Position in CLR,B
Dr Rahnuma Ahmed Professor (Rtd), Department of Anthropology, Jahangirnagar University Distinguished Research Fellow
Dr Iftekhar Iqbal


Professor, Department of History, Dhaka University Distinguished Research Fellow


CLR,B Management Body-Executive Body:

Name Institutional Affiliation Position in CLR,B
Ahmed Javed Ronie


Faculty (part-time), Department of Business Administration, Peoples’ University of Bangladesh Director (Acting)
Adilur Rahaman


MA in ELT, East West University Research Coordinator


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