A. Banglar Dorshon Pathshala:

 Core: The aim is to theorize/philosophize the existing struggles and conditions in Bangladesh. Our goal is to bring together our mutual experiences from different fields and disciplines read and discuss what is given to as in the form of ‘knowledge’. Also, we intend to listen to those who have ideas to share and things to say. We want a “fair practice of epistemology” from this soil. A healthy balance between knowledge, life-practices, climate and history must emerge from thought and action. Banglar Pathshala trusts in the importance of political economy. Political economy of the emancipatory kind has the ability locate the technology of oppression as well as the line of resistance. So, we recommend to have a separate political economic research cell solely to research about the struggles that are going on in and outside Bangladesh.


  1. Bangla Dorshon Pathsala Seminar
  2. Akhtaruzzaman Illias Shahitto Ashor
  3. Political Economy Research Cell

B. S. M. Sultan Shilpalaya:

 Core: The objective is to facilitate relatively unknown and unprivileged artists whose works are relatively unknown but have the potential to capture the dynamics of social and political realities of Bangladesh. Art, we strongly believe, is a medium of resistance and change as it is of aesthetic pleasure and expression of life.


  1. M. Sultan Shilpalaya (an art gallery for relatively less publicized artists)
  2. M. Sultan Shilpalaya Workshop Centre (Workshop and Research work to facilitate 4G)
  3. M. Sultan Shilpalaya Holiday Art (An open-air painting road-show in city)

C. Archives:

Core: Our objective is to build a resource-store where access to any idea or a copy of any art-piece becomes easy and comfortable.


  1. The Library
  2. World Music Collection
  3. World Film Collection
  4. Collection of Historical Documents

D. Regular Cultural Events (Music and Poetry Evenings & Film Shows):

Core: Our aim is to continue the above-mentioned practices. So, regular events will sustain and enhance the climate of the self in its broadest sense.


i.  Music Evenings:

Objective: Music can be a very powerful medium of intervention. We believe that music is not only a domain of temporary pleasure but also a space of self-awareness and politics as well.


  1. Weekly/Monthly Raga (Music) Night
  2. Inviting Ustads from Eastern and Western Music Trends

ii. Poetry Evenings:

Objective: Sufi/fakir’s sermons or poets’ verses have been the source of our inspiration and thought. To follow the tradition and to connect it with the spirit of our age, we will organize “verse- evening” (Kobita-shondha).


  1. Weekly/Monthly Kobita-shondha
  2. Invite Poets/Bauls/Charon-Kobi

iii. Film Shows

Objective: Bangla big-screen, short-screen, art-film all sorts of visual celluloid arts will be shown in weekly basis:


  1. List of Film Forums
  2. List of Legendary Directors, their movies of the world
  • Collection of Movies
  1. List of Influential Persons of South Asia: Big-screen, Short-film, Animated-movies, Cinema Industry.

Banglar Film and Documentary Group (BFD)

    1. Creative Film Group (CFD)
    2. Documentary for Social Injustices (DSI)
    3. Docu-film Research for Transformation of Space and Life.
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